Local Raw Honey

8 ounce Vermouth Jar

This honey is raw and unpasteurized, it has been gravity strained for clarity. It is pure and uncut honey made from Illinois wildflower and trees local to Will County. Honey will vary in color and change with  the seasons. This 12 ounce bear jar comes with a honey dipper for easy dispensing. The honey dipper is bare wood and should be washed by hand for a longer life. There are three major seasons for honey, early spring, summer, and fall. Depending on how things go and dictated by nature the honey harvest can start in June and run until September. Fall honey is usually left on for winter feed. This honey not being pasteurized will crystallize in time for care and instruction for honey you can go to my Blogger it will have lots of information for you. Honey does not have a self life and if cared for properly it will last indefinite. My blogger has a lot of information on store bought vrs local and much more. If you are new to buying raw local honey I suggest you do some research on care you'll get the most out of your product that way.      

$ 9.00

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