About Nick Risa Aka Bee Keeper

Hello My name Is Nick Risa and Im the host with the most welcome to my website.

I run two small business, from my home in Lowell, Indiana. I recently moved from Tinley Park, Illinois so now I cover an area between both Illinois and Indiana. I have a nuisance wildlife control business and I am a bee keeper. I relocate honey bee swarms and (Live only) remove nuisance bee hives. I run a number of beehives myself all year, my bees are all rescue bees I have removed or captured.  By appoinment only I sell product from my home or at many craft shows throughout the year. Time and dates for craft shows or places of sale will be posted on my events page.       




The Processing of beeswax
beeswax 6.jpg
beeswax 2.jpg
steaming wax.jpg
bee comb 2.jpg
beeswax 10.jpg
beeswax 1.jpg

In a nut shell and many hours of multiple filtering's later this is what it takes to get from A to B. Lots of water and lots of screens and rags for filtering. Separating, draining, steaming, melting , filtering.   

 I some items that are available year round others are coming as I am always looking for new idea's. If you would like something made such as wedding favors or tea light candles please call a month in advance. I do hand dipped beeswax candles non scented and some scented candles. Honey soap and lip balm are a staple to my inventory. All my items are made by myself with all natural ingredients. All products will contain some amount of honey or beeswax. If you would like me to be at a event or church function please call for availability.

I do carry combed honey but only a certain amount for the year if you are interested in combed honey please send a request by email and I will notify you when it is ready. I do carry 1, 2, 3, and 5 pound bottles of honey, some 1 pound in glass or plastic.      

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