About Local Honey

 I'm Nick, a bee keeper and creator of this website and its products being sold on it. Everything on this site I make myself from scratch or assemble by hand. I take care of a number of bee hives here in Illinois and live in Tinley Park. I harvest honey from my hives and gather beeswax throughout the year from many different hives. I took these natural products done my research and came up with these items I sell. I do not cut or use any ingredients other than what is listed. My honey is straight from my hives and so is the beeswax I use. It is 100% pure and simple as nature intended it to be. Here is a few pictures of what your products used to look like before you got them. 


The transformation of beeswax     

beeswax 6.jpg
beeswax 2.jpg
steaming wax.jpg
bee comb 2.jpg
beeswax 10.jpg
beeswax 1.jpg

In a nut shell and many hours of multiple filtering's later this is what it takes to get from A to B. Lots of water and lots of screens and rags for filtering. Separating, draining, steaming, melting , filtering.   

 A full years worth a work for a couple of boxes of honey I guess that's the way it goes. Winter feeding's , protein, sugar, honey early spring until temps warm up and they are off and running. The picture on the left shows bee hives wrapped up and fed for the winter, hopefully all will make it. Constant maintenance during the summer when they grow in numbers really fast. A delicate system of checks and balances, screw one the other will falter. Reading and studying gives you a leg up but this is nature and it does what it needs to and you got to follow. There are three types of nectar flows, spring, late summer, and fall. Fall honey usually stays in the hive for additional feed unless there's a surplus.  

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