3 pound bottle

3 pound honey 003.JPG

$  25.00 ea.

Two styles of bottles to choose from 

Both of these bottles are 3 pound bottles, the one on the left with the honey comb pattern is more of a squeezable bottle. The bottle on the right that looks like a milk jug can be used as a squeeze bottle but I do not think its made for it. Both of these bottles have flip top drip less lids for easy use. Both contain the same kind of honey which come Illinois wildflowers and trees. My honey is raw and uncut it is 100% pure as it comes from the bee hive is how you get it. I do gravity strain my honey for clarity and it is kept warm for air bubbles to escape. Honey for me depending on nature is pulled from the hives sometime after June and before October. The color of honey can change season after season and year after year it depends on whats blooming most at the time the honey gets harvested. My honey is raw and unpasteurized, it will crystallize in time. My blogger at the top of the page will have many useful tips on keeping honey and storage and a lot more so be sure and check it out on the do's and dont's of keeping raw honey. 

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