5 pound Bottle

Honey 5 pound_edited.jpg

Squeezable bottle with a drip proof lid.

For Sale: A 5 pound bottle of raw unpasteurized honey locally raised in Will County Illinois. This bottle is user friendly if you are looking to use the honey directly from the bottle. The honey is gravity strained for clarity with three different types of screens in a warm climate. My honey bees forage on wildflower found in our region of Illinois as well as some trees.This honey was harvested in late summer before the golden rod of fall. I harvest honey anytime in June until September. This honey is unpasteurized and prone to crystallizing so be sure and check out my Blogger for details on care and storing raw honey. I do not separate honey between spring and summer nectar flows so my honey is a mixture of both. 

All the products in this website are made by myself and use the honey and beeswax from my bee hives. I have hand poured and dipped beeswax candles, honey soap, and other natural products you might like. 

$ 45.00

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