Nativity Scene

Everything included  $60.00

Hand Crafted Nativity Scene

This nativity has been made from scratch using balsa wood, plywood, and grass reeds. It comes with 11 beeswax figures that are 100% pure. Wax figures are made with beeswax gathered from bee hives in Illinois Cook and Will County. The wax is melted and filtered multiple times for clarity. The building has been treated with a stain / polyurethane to help with preservation. The bottom is made of a thin plywood, it is sturdy but very light overall. All of the beeswax figures have been shaped to stand independently. (Important) All natural beeswax will develop bloom after a while ( See Blogger for more). It is a white powdery substance on the beeswax, it is harmless and can bee removed with a simple hair dryer. Natural products are great but they will require maintenance.    

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